APSATS Board of Directors

Founded by pioneers of the trauma approach for treating partners, the APSATS Board is made up of a diverse group of treatment providers, life coaches, and others who are dedicated to the training and certification of Partner Specialists from a “Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model” approach. Our Board members also advocate for the recovery and treatment needs of Partners of Sex Addicts, knowing that this is an underserved and often misunderstood population. We hope you partner with us as we join voices to provide improved responses to partners.

All APSATS Board Members have years of experience working directly with partners of sex addicts in diverse settings, including treatment centers, outpatient programs and private practices. We are researchers, advocates and clinicians who actively use the trauma model to treat partners and have several years of experience.

Barbara Steffens – PhD, LPCC, BCC , CCSAS, CCPS, CPC President
Janice Caudill – PhD, CSAT, SRT, SEP, CCPS Vice President
Dan Drake – MA, MS, MFT, CSAT, CCPS Secretary/Treasurer
Dave Brown – M.Div.,LCSW, CPSAS CCPS
Dorit Reichental – MA, MFT Intern, CPCC, ACC, CCPS Associate, CPC
Richard Blankenship – MA, LPC, NCC, CCSAS, CCPS
Ella Hutchinson – MA, LPC, CCSAS, CCPS
Ingela Edwards - MS, LPC, NCC, SRT, CCPS
Francoise Mastroianni – M.S.,LCPC, CADC, CCSAT, CCPS, SEP, EFT